full time PHP Backend Developer


We’re in a fast changing time where it is not enough anymore to access data with one application from your office chair. Everyone wants to get the right information anywhere and anytime. So of course there are mobile and tablets, but also voice and machines (Industry 4.0) need to be fed with data. Next to the devices also the people who need the data have changed, not only controlling (to get up with some fancy data graph) for example but also the field service worker who needs to access all data to give customers every information they need.
Currently there are still many companies out there sitting on big loads of data but no possible way consuming them, they don’t have any interface or structured and standardized api to access or make their data available to others.

That’s why we’re building a software product helping companies restructuring their data and building an interface to give them the possibility to face the demands and needs of their current customers.
Currently we have partnered with a successful German trade company to build their infrastructure.

Skillset/ Qualifikationen: api, mobile, php.

freelance Individuelle PHP-Entwicklung mit Laravel, ... bei Webprogrammierung-Gora , Augsburg
fulltime Softwareentwickler PHP, TYPO3, Shopware ... [m/w/d] bei eWorks GmbH , Frankfurt am Main
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